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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!

My eye has fallen on Eve Online lately.

There’s absolutely no denying it’s an interesting game, even from an outside perspective. It’s a long-running MMO RPG, well-known for its massive scale and depth of gameplay. Hell, news of in-game assassinations and enormous fleet battles makes it to popular outlets sometimes, that’s definitely saying something. It’s essentially a futuristic version of our world. Due to the nearly ruleless nature of the game, players can do anything. Scam someone? Fair game. Bully people in safe-zones? Kill them if you want!

It doesn’t seem like the kind of game I’d ever be half decent at, but I entertain the idea of getting heavily involved in it anyway. It’s been super long since I found myself absorbed in a game and playing it on a daily basis. Somehow I feel like Eve can offer that. But then there’s also the trap of having to play and earn cash quick if you want to pay for your subscription with in-game dosh. Maybe that’d pull on me too strongly. I fear the time investment required will exceed what I can/want to spend on the game.

Nearly every item in the game is player-crafted. Imagine being a big supplier in that system!
~ Fang

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