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03 11 15

To be out there

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some oddly specific and insanely obscure verb for “putting yourself out there”.

In less than a full year from now (if all goes well) it’s time for me to do my graduation internship. And that’s a pretty big deal! Last year’s internship was absolutely amazing, and I fully intend on having the next one be just as great. But where do you look when you don’t have a specific company in mind? You put yourself out there, of course!

The past few weeks contained some chance encounters with possible opportunities for places to intern at. As the eager and motivated young fellow I try to shape myself to be, I decided to grab those with both hands. Some form signing here, a bit of emailing there, and the waiting game begins!

But wait, I’ve sent in my resumé. Fairly sure that after triple-checking that’s in fine order, but what if I overlooked something? The web address is implicitly stated, did I make sure that’s looking modern and acceptable? Oh shit, what was the latest thing I posted to the blog? I sure hope it wasn’t some awful rant about effort being hard! Oh, I forgot to re-read the email for the seventh time, I probably missed a typo…

Curious how much of that actually gets noticed. Probably not very much.
~ Fang

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