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If this was about any one specific product, or something common like a toilet paper brand, then I’d be done here real quickly. But it’s not, so don’t you worry. For some context, I’ve been looking for a decent pair of headphones for home-use for a long time now. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be that hard to find some good, affordable cans. But my requirements are rather specific. I’d prefer open-back headphones, since I’ll only be using them at home. This already narrows it down quite a bit. More importantly though, they have to be over-ear and super comfy, because I’ll be wearing them for extended periods of time and would rather not get my glasses fused into my skull.

So I scout around, and find very few options matching all my criteria (and my wallet’s). The ones that do stand out generally aren’t easily available in Europe. I could import them, but I prefer trying them out before-hand to make sure they’re actually comfy. In an attempt to bring something new to light, I ask a headphone forum for recommendations. They throw at me: Sennheiser HD 558.

Apparently these headphones (and their big brother 598) are hugely popular and have been around for many years, praised as one of the best headphones in its price range. Good, neutral sound, wide soundstage, and super comfy. I tried them out in store a couple days back, and it’s true! After digging around a bit more it seems these headphones are among the few go-to recommendations for newcomers to the headphone scene. They just deliver so well.

What’s more, you can effectively turn them into their more expensive counterpart by removing a piece of foam behind the speakers, resulting in an even better soundstage!
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  • 03/12/2015 (2:20 PM)

    As part of my article writing I’ve had to write a ton of things on headphones. I can tell you those Sennheisers are considered some of the best when it comes to value and quality. If you haven’t gotten them yet then I’d throw my recommendation at them too.

    Luckily for me when it comes to headphones I’m quite happy with the cheap as hell £5 from the local supermarket. I got lucky and managed to pick up some Skullcandy headphones a while back at my local GAME store that have served me well and were on offer.

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