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There’s a reason our fiction, entertainment and dreams are overflowing with space stuff.

Space is something we’ve been aiming for ever since our brains developed far enough to comprehend all that up there isn’t just a flat 2D skybox for looking at. We haven’t even discovered everything on our own planet yet, but does that really matter when you can be exploring things unbelievably far away from it? This endless pursuit of “more space knowledge” inspires plenty a fictional future universe to revolve largely around non-earthbound settings.

But since full-sized space colonization always seems so far away, we can easily get away with setting our fictional universes way far in the future. That, in turn, allows us to come up with all kinds of crazy theories on how a future in space might turn out. And it’s great seeing creative minds at work shaping such worlds.

Eve Online’s a good example, but I’ll likely get to that some other time.
~ Fang


  • 16/11/2015 (1:44 PM)

    One of my regrets with Immortal Space is that even though it’s set in the future I kept things relatively normal. I just didn’t have the confidence or the ability to really go much further and try and develop an entirely new universe.

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