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02 11 15

So late

“I think it’d be beneficial for students and teachers alike if we held this exam after six in the evening.”

Whoever made that decision should get a royal serving of shit on their plate for it. Good thing I had the smarts to sleep in, otherwise I would’ve already been burned out by the time the exam even started. It’s just not ideal to hold an exam early in the morning or in the evening. Most students’ performance peaks somewhere between those times, so it’d be sense to not plan an exam at the very edges of the day, right?

Luckily all that proved to be a non-factor, as I think I aced the test anyway. It was a practical exam, we were to write scripts to perform tasks on certain images, demonstrating our understanding of the different algorithms available. Went into it thinking I could wing it. At first the exercises seemed more difficult than anticipated, but once I got into it I breezed through.

Improvising and learning on the spot are important skills, too!
~ Fang


  • 03/11/2015 (12:44 PM)

    That really does sound like a pretty stupid idea. Having the exam so late that is. I could understand putting it in the afternoon, but six PM? By that time the students are going to be pretty tired physically and mentally and their brains are going to be a mess from having so much of their day eaten away.

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