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06 11 15

Show and tell

Unsurprisingly much better than the usual “give a presentation about your project”.

Today marked the last day of the first half of my minor. This, of course, goes paired with a delivery of your project. Ordinarily, this’d be done via regular old presentation. Stand in front of the class, demo your project and say some words. This year, however, they decided they’d try a new format. They dubbed it “show and tell”.

Everyone sets up their inventions scattered on the first floor (which looks down on the ground floor). Some folks worked with a pool table, so they wouldn’t have been able to haul that into the classroom anyway. The teachers made their rounds inspecting all the projects in pre-determined order. Most of the class tagged along (and got to interact where applicable), but it wasn’t mandatory. We did some last-minute fixing on our project during that time too, mighty convenient.

It was overall a much more fun and interactive experience. Definitely more engaging and less “sit through 30 minutes of words”.
~ Fang


  • 09/11/2015 (1:30 PM)

    That sounds like a science fair in an American school. If it was fun that’s good. Hope your project did well.

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