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There is just so much to learn!

Whenever changes are made to a game I’m playing, or I’m diving into a new one, I sometimes spend more time reading than actually playing the game. No, I’m not talking about visual novels or story-heavy RPGs. This is about games with lots of depth and/or complexity to them. They tend to have the steeper learning curves, so I try my best to mitigate that by educating myself on the details of game concepts and their related best practices.

As mentioned, I do this whenever changes are made to the game too. There is no worse feeling that realizing your knowledge is not up-to-date in the middle of a decision-making process. It breaks up your flow and throws an unknown variable at you, something you probably didn’t account for. Definitely something worth avoiding if you can.

It’s oddly satisfactory, too. You’re learning about the game without playing it. Some would say that defeats the point, but I’d argue it just shows how much of an effect the game can have on your out-of-game activities.

But man, Eve sure requires a lot of reading.
~ Fang


  • 23/11/2015 (12:51 PM)

    You’re really not doing a good job of making me want to play this stockmarket simulator. I don’t mind reading up on things in games but I like to stick to just boss encounters. Watching ten to fifteen minute boss encounter videos for Warcraft was enough for me.

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