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On recent events

Seems like the dust has settled a tiny bit. Good enough.

Shit. If you’ve so much as woken up in the past week, you’ve probably heard of the situation that happened in Paris. Incredibly tragic, there really are no words for this. I will not dwell on losses, but rather focus on reactions and consequences for a bit. Someone people have been saying some very absurd things, and I feel it’s important to address those now.

First of all, refusing to help the refugees will not stop the IS. As has been shown, they have people in Europe with European nationalities. Besides, they can make their way into a country if they want to, open borders or not. Passports can be forged, goods can be smuggled. Yes, control is still important, but you simply can’t catch everything.

On a similar note, Snowden does not “have blood on his hands”, whatever that is meant to imply. It has been known for decades that if you want your actions to go unnoticed, you best stay off the grid. Even if this was news to you a couple of years ago, it never was to do-no-gooders.

Refugees are offered housing two blocks from your home? Don’t stress it. They’re people too. They didn’t come here by choice, they’re not extremists, and they won’t be making your neighborhood any less safe. Of course there’s always going to be a few troublemakers, but you already have some home-grown ones too. Respect each other, don’t discriminate. Muslims aren’t Muslim extremists. Assuming otherwise and alienating a large chunk of our population is playing right into IS’s hands.

It’s not just the IS we’re fighting against. It’s radicalization and extremism of all forms. People are within their rights to believe whatever they want, but they cannot be allowed to act as they want. Extremist beliefs encourage this. We need to put our foot down and shut that shit down.

Don’t live in fear, but do be a bit cautious. Talk to others about this, but don’t rile each other up.

I’m surprised people are only now letting the word “war” onto their tongues. About time, I’d say.
~ Fang


  • 20/11/2015 (1:22 PM)

    I hate the reactionary nature of things like these events. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the positives of encryption. Every time a major terrorist attack happens the response is always “Don’t be afraid.” but every reaction is one based in fear. Even the reactions of people who say not to be afraid.

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