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Six years!

It truly is the one and only “let’s (not) do things” month, isn’t it?

You’ve probably all heard of “Movember”, or “no-shave November” as it’s more descriptively called. During the month of November, participates will abstain from shaving their facial hair. Mustaches and beards galore! And for some reason, there’s a number of more niche “no-X November” events going around too. Why? Absolutely no idea.

I wouldn’t even be able to tell you why Movember is held this month rather than any other, but maybe they just picked it randomly. Maybe all similar events followed because they wanted to fill the same slot? It’s all temporary changes in behavior though, if they were permanent (ie I’ll never shave again) they’d be taken up in the whole new year’s resolutions jig.

Then again some people use November as a springboard for habit-killing, so eh. People and their things, crazy.
~ Fang

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