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Novelty accounts

It’s crazy, the amount of junk people can come up with.

Surely there’s a communication platform somewhere on the web you look at more than once a week? Let me guess, you sometimes run into accounts that place messages that match humorously well with their username? Those are probably novelty accounts. You’ll find them parodying celebrities, ranting about the struggles of a specific occupation or chiming in on someone else’s conversation with the exact same joke over and over.

It’s niche seeing how they all get to fit into their own little niche, and how that continues to be possible even after so many accounts have already preceded them. And yet they keep finding that one “trademark” that sets them apart from others and has enough pull to garner a following. Quite impressive, really.

Some end up posting advertisements in between short bursts of content. Others just die out, given up on by their owners. But as soon as one withers, a different one sprouts up to replace it, providing an endless stream of silly content.

The circle of life.
~ Fang

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