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Apparently “recruitee” is not a word. So much for a simple and effective title.

I’m off to The National Career Days tomorrow. The second one of the pair, specifically. I participated in a “contest” that involved filling in a form about your studies and what you’re looking for (a graduation internship, in my case), and then later taking an online “competence assessment”, which was just a bunch of minor maths and logic exercises. The result of all that was that I got invited by two companies to come talk to them at the event tomorrow!

Yeah yeah, super hype, the whole deal. The contest organizers said it’s recommended to show up in tidy clothes or a suit, but I’ll just be sticking to tidy clothes. Here’s hoping I won’t feel super out of place, for clothing reasons or otherwise. That’s not my biggest worry though. The talks are.

In one of the emails from the companies (“hi, we’ll be judging you next saturday!”) they said they’d be asking some questions, mentioning one in advance: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Dear lord, I barely know where I’ll be half a year from now, much less five. Ideally I’d be rich and sitting on the Bahamas, but that’s hardly relevant to the interview, right? Those kinds of questions always seem a bit old-fashioned to me though, I’d much rather they send someone from their IT department to chat me up about the wonders of the latest greatest programming paradigm, and evaluate me that way.

Tangentially related, I finally added a link to SSR2 on the homepage.
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  • 30/11/2015 (1:56 PM)

    Well obviously you’ve had your interview by now so I hope it went well dude. That question is asked so often you can find the answer online. Generally you just want to imply that you hope to have a steady job with the company in five years.

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