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Celebration and tragedy in one.

It’s always an exciting time when a new product is scheduled to release. Marketing teams work overtime to ensure hype intensifies and the release is a booming as it can be. But then someone shows up and leaks something that wasn’t supposed to be revealed yet. This could be information, visuals, or worse, the product itself.

Yes, it can happen that the product gets leaked and made available before the official release date. This is most commonly (probably almost exclusively) the case with digital content, like games. If someone managed to get their hands on a finished version of it, they can rip the data off the disc, cartridge or whatever other medium is used, and upload it to the web for pirates to use.

You’d say this messed a whole lot of shit up. But commonly, people who pirate games wouldn’t have bought them in the first place. If someone happens to upload video footage of the unreleased game, it may spark more interest in the game from their viewers, potentially slightly increasing sales.

But hey, piracy, so the company’ll probably be mad. Me?
~ Fang

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