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Faker, maker

Not to be confused with Faker, playmaker.

Went to the Career Day event I mentioned yesterday. Two companies had selected me as one of their “let’s take you further” recruitees (still bummed that’s not a word) and invited me to talk with a couple of people from their organization at the event. One of those companies was a parent corp of the place I’m insured at, so there was a lot of pressure on me not to mess up and miss any sweet benefits I may have reaped.

As is probably usual for these kinds of things, I was a tad nervous going into the talks. They both did a good job of setting up a comfortable atmosphere though, allowing the conversation to side-track a bit here and there. The first company still stuck to what seemed like the conversation template though, including the dreaded “where do you see yourself in five years” question. Completely forgot to make the Bahamas joke, too bad.

The second company had a much more informal attitude however, to the point where we were just bullshitting about the latest Steam sale. They seemed like genuinely nice people, and so did their company. Very flexible, always close to the cutting edge. Exactly the kind of stuff I’m looking for.

Somehow I made it through the “interviews” alive, and the second company already told me I got invited to their in-house days. I truly faked it ’til I made it.
~ Fang

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