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So apparently something went wrong with yesterday’s post, causing it to appear much later than usual. Apologies!

Walked into another figurative wall at school today. I’m doing a study more or less focussed around software, yet there’s barely any shred of support for non-Windows systems. They rarely ever get covered in setup manuals, some of the software used is Windows-only, and the teachers know nothing about it either. I’m genuinely surprised to find things in this state, because I always thought Unix systems were the primary developer platforms.

I understand they want to support Windows, because let’s face it, that’s what most of the students will already be using. But to simply ignore those running arguably more developer-friendly systems? Kind of a meh move in my book. But hey, I’m a minority, so there’s really no use in complaining, right?

Luckily there’s someone running Linux in our project group, so we’re trying to get Unix-compatible tooling set up for the coming few months. It won’t be as pretty as the Windows applications, but we don’t need that anyway. We’re elite hackers, after all.

Something something mainframe something trace digital fingerprints.
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  • 12/11/2015 (1:56 PM)

    Think of it this way; you can go on to become a teacher of Linux and Unix. You can fill the gap that you’re seeing there.

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