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Deadly teachers

I cannot believe how good the Eve Online community is.

In Eve you can do Exploration, which boils down to looking for signature signals in a solar system, tracking down and flying to their location of origin, and looting whatever you find. There isn’t all that much worth finding in high security systems (where the police kill you if you shoot other players), so I decided to venture out into low security space. Did the thing, found loot worth 30% of my total savings, and brought it back in one piece. After sharing my joy on an Eve forum, I was told that’s a fairly poor haul, and that I could do better in no-security space.

And so off I went, once again feverishly bashing the “scan” button to spot any potential incoming players. I trace down a couple of loot sites, and after a while I have four times my savings’ worth of gathered goods in my cargo hold. Content and wanting to secure my profits, I plot a route back to base. I don’t notice it sends me through systems I didn’t pass through on my way there.

I get ambushed by a bunch of PvPers. They stop my ships movement and almost one-shot me. Having never been in a PvP situation before, I panic. By the time I think of something to try, I’ve already been blown up. What’s worse, I forgot to insure my ship.

My misfortune gets shared with the community, and I remark how I probably had it coming. Guess who shows up to provide me with advice? One of my killers. And a bunch of other players, too. They tell me I should’ve done this, brought that, and it’s all very helpful information. They answer my follow-up questions, explain basic concepts to me, and I feel just a little bit more confident. (Update: They have offered to give me back my lost gear. Unbelievable!)

Absolutely lovely.
~ Fang

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