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To solve for this equation, we need to take N to the breadth power…

Man, Eve Online is such a broad-ass game. You wouldn’t believe how much there is to see and do in that game. Today I joined a small group of adventurers and we set out on a “pilgrimage” to New Eden, the place where, in the game’s lore, the gate back to Earth’s universe collapsed hundreds of years ago. The place is actually quite a pretty sight to behold, especially compared to the mostly ruins-filled space surrounding it.

While we were there, we explored around for a bit and I got taught about the different things wormholes have to offer. Somewhere halfway through we nearly got attacked by NPC space pirates, but we had more maneuverable ships than them so we could get away. When we encountered an abandoned military outpost, someone from our group went and hacked into its satellites, hoping to get his hands on rare information.

During that short trip alone we encountered so much content, and there’s way much more. Space warfare is practically endless in its complexity, too, with all kinds of functionality you can have ships and their pilots specialize in. Trade, resource processing, construction, they’re all viable career paths. It’s kind of like real life in that sense, there’s a whole lot of shit you can do, but you gotta specialize if you want to be good and make a nice buck out of it. Hopping all over the place is definitely possible, and it may be super fun, but it won’t net you the biggest cash flow.

And its players are super welcoming to new folks, too!
~ Fang


  • 19/11/2015 (1:30 PM)

    You make EVE sound awesome but at the same time it sounds like it has too much for me. I know people like games that have a lot going for them but too many features or things like that in a game confuse me and turn me off. I hate overly-simplified games but I also hate overly-complicated games too.

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