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Something something Nintendo Direct, I actually do not care that much.

You ever watch an announcement broadcast for a bunch of new games, a long awaited movie, or something else you expect to really enjoy? If you do, you’ll probably know how hyped up things can get in the audience. Continues back-and-forthing, “this is boring, get to the real stuff”, “oh man I can’t wait for them to get to talking about X”, and so on. And when something unexpected gets announced, “that’s totally out of left field!”, “next month already? No way!”

But then once the announcement broadcast is over, the hype dies down. At least for me it does. I’ll only pay attention to maybe one or two things that really caught my interest, but that’s about it. No marking of the calendar for release dates, no anxious thought about them possibly messing up the final product, nothing. It’s just… there. It’s been announced, it will happen. Okay, neat, no reason to be hype anymore.

And then release comes and it happens all over again.
~ Fang


  • 13/11/2015 (2:32 PM)

    I’ve managed to never get hyped about anything, ever. I’ll be interested to see/play/read something but that’s it. I don’t care before release day. Hype is often manufactured and the more hype you are for something the more disappointed you’re likely to be by it.

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