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You’ve seen a hundred people use it in your life time.

If this was about any one specific product, or something common like a toilet paper brand, then I’d be done here real quickly. But it’s not, so don’t you worry. For some context, I’ve been looking for a decent pair of headphones for home-use for a long time now. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be that hard to find some good, affordable cans. But my requirements are rather specific. I’d prefer open-back headphones, since I’ll only be using them at home. This already narrows it down quite a bit. More importantly though, they have to be over-ear and super comfy, because I’ll be wearing them for extended periods of time and would rather not get my glasses fused into my skull.

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Buy now for 100% the actual price!

Tired of getting beat up on Black Friday, missing out on that huge discount? Cyber-hackers stole your internet, voiding any Cyber Monday deals? Christmas is right around the corner, but with your marriage in shambles and your boss continuing to breathe down your neck for that job-retaining overtime, it might turn into a very long, cold and lonely winter. But fear not, we’ve got just the thing you need!

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Faker, maker

Not to be confused with Faker, playmaker.

Went to the Career Day event I mentioned yesterday. Two companies had selected me as one of their “let’s take you further” recruitees (still bummed that’s not a word) and invited me to talk with a couple of people from their organization at the event. One of those companies was a parent corp of the place I’m insured at, so there was a lot of pressure on me not to mess up and miss any sweet benefits I may have reaped.

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Apparently “recruitee” is not a word. So much for a simple and effective title.

I’m off to The National Career Days tomorrow. The second one of the pair, specifically. I participated in a “contest” that involved filling in a form about your studies and what you’re looking for (a graduation internship, in my case), and then later taking an online “competence assessment”, which was just a bunch of minor maths and logic exercises. The result of all that was that I got invited by two companies to come talk to them at the event tomorrow!

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Website badges

“Certified Reseller Reseller!”

For some reason it’s usually webshops that show you these things. Those little icons saying they’re doing this or that well, how secure they are and who their junk’s being shipped by. They somehow manage to fill up entire sidebars with that stuff. McAfee Certificate of Security? What does that even mean? The icon isn’t even clickable, and McAfee’s website doesn’t have a “good websites” list…

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