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The fuck is this?

Been fiddling with different programming for a LED strip.

Despite already coming quite close to hitting the limits on how much shitty code the microcontroller can hold, it’s great fun just messing around with different possibilities for patterns and what have you. Got a nice rainbow slide going on, but when I try interpolation between random colors that proves a bit hard. Still, results aren’t too bad… I think. Not entirely sure, because after all this testing, I think my eyes are starting to give up.

That’s quite big an exaggeration, but I definitely shouldn’t be staring at my pretty blinkies for too long. I have already wrapped them in tissue paper to at least diffuse the light a bit. Sure I could also set the LEDs to shine less brightly, but that can fuck up the color mixing. So what am I to do? That’s a serious question. How do people who have to work with light sources for whatever purpose look at them?

Surely a lightbulb manufacturer has to have new bulb designs tested? High-brightness displays (for outdoor concerts or whatever) have to be inspected. And so on. How does that happen? Do people working with that kind of stuff have special eyewear? I find it difficult imagining anything that keeps the light from damaging your eyes while still allowing you to perceive it accurately.

As for me though, maybe I just need to start wearing sunglasses.
~ Fang

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