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Unexpected pals

Isn’t the internet great?

Let’s ignore what the news recently said about internet forums being places for socially anxious people to talk to strangers from similar situations, and that somehow being a bad thing. Because fuck, that’s actually a good thing! And even for the people who do know social left from right, the internet’s a great way to hang out with folks with similar interests. And it never ceases to amaze how easily it all happens.

Asked for help regarding installing a Smash update on, you guessed it, a Smash forum. Someone was kind enough to help me out, and even continued suggesting possible solutions when even I had nearly given up hope. Managed to get the update working in the end, so now I can play online again, and we decided to play some games against each other.

We actually use similar play-styles for some characters, which was interesting to see. He’s a better at me than the game, but not incredibly so. There’s definitely room for having fun in there, which is exactly what we did. And just like that, I found someone to regularly play Smash with!

Getting my ass kicked by random strangers is fine and all, but having a friendly opponent to spar with is way more fun.
~ Fang


  • 11/10/2015 (7:50 PM)

    I love stories like this. Sure, 95% of the Internet consists of trolls that will kill you, teabag you, and then squeak in a shaky, prepubescent voice that they just fucked your mom. But the other 5% that actually are willing to help and want to make a real social connection – it makes it all worth it. My wife’s been friends with a guy like that since she was 12 (they were both 12, mind you, so it’s not weird). He, she, and I all game together online to this very day.

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