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Too competitive?

Let’s talk about a flaw I may have been developing!

I never was one for the more serious games. Always just played casually. Found that way of playing more fun, and despite not realizing it I sucked too much at video games to play super seriously anyway. But that changed. I started playing with/against others more frequently. For some reason this led to me wanting to become better. Acquire skill, improve my play, stop getting my ass kicked.

So that’s what I did. I practiced and got better. I measured my results by playing for them. If they seemed lackluster I still had a ways to go. If they seemed worse than that, I had failed miserably. Of course, I still played games for fun, but sometimes I got too serious about it and let my failure get to me. I’d get mad, even if just a little bit. This kills the fun.

Now I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that I’ve been playing towards performance. It’s a good way to get better, that’s for sure. But maybe I went a little too far in that direction, forgetting that games (at least for me) are still supposed to be about having fun with them.

Yet even with that thought in mind, I can’t always keep my calm. Definitely something to work on.
~ Fang


  • 19/10/2015 (2:24 PM)

    It really depends on the game for me. There are some games that are just so tough I give up without trying to get better. Then there are some games I do practice and get better at. All you can do is try and keep your calm and work on improving yourself.

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