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04 10 15

The upset

I tried telling myself I wouldn’t post too much about Worlds, but it was already too late.

Currently, in the League of Legends World Championships, the Group Stage phase is happening. A round-robin tournament in which teams, divided into four groups, play against other teams in their group. Of course plenty of predictions have been made as to who will make it out of Groups. Quite a few western teams were looking hot, in contrast to last year where eastern teams dominated.

And in a lot of the groups, western teams are holding onto first place. The teams that do so though, are rather surprising. Teams for which everyone said “they’ll steamroll” are performing less than what expected of them, and one team that nobody had given much of a chance is currently holding onto a 100% winrate.

Can’t say I’m much of an expert, but I’ll still call that this is the most interesting Worlds since it all started. The west stands on equal footing with the east, underdogs are scoring big, dreams are getting crushed, what more could we wish for?

Also have to say production value has been upped by a whole lot. Quality of the shows is pretty damn high.
~ Fang

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