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The Cleaning

Not to be confused with The Cleansing.

For the first time in what feels like ages, I did some proper good cleaning up. Nah, my room is still a mess. But at least my digital desktop is nice and orderly now! Been doing some tweaking with how things look lately, and unfortunately that misaligned a whole bunch of junk. So cleaning up said junk seemed like a reasonable option. The choice to do so was especially fruitful since I didn’t stop at mere aesthetics!

First stop was the enormous pile of, well, stuff sitting on my desktop. Numerous images used to aid in numerous failed attempts at computer vision. Those exercises have all been completed by now, so the images can go, along with a bunch of other outdated junk. Decided it was also time I take a good hard look at all the applications I have installed, and see what I can do without. I had expected this freeing up no more than five GB of space on my still fairly cramped drive, but I opened up nearly twenty instead. Pleasant surprise!

I moved on to putting quite a few albums from my “to do” folder into my music library, which was about damn time. Well, I say that, but there’s still things from 2010 sitting in there. Who knows when those’ll see the light of day again.

Feels good to have swept through all my garbage again though, nothing like knowing it’s as clean as you can make it with a half-hearted attempt.
~ Fang

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