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08 10 15

Shattered dreams

That nasty-ass feeling when your favorite team just falls on their faces after a promising first week.

Stuff like that is always sad. Even more so when both the team’s (re-)rise to relevance and their sudden choking came unexpectedly. I was not prepared to see CLG go 2-4 on the Group Stage. I thought we wouldn’t be let down anymore, that the times of continuous disappointment were over. It was not so.

Luckily, the team’s (rather inconsistent) star player did a post-game interview and talked about where he felt things went wrong, how the team would be handling the loss at a chance of making it to the quarter-finals, and what the future might hold. He was real sportsmanlike about it, and highlighted how much they’ve improved over the past year: from not even being close to making it to Worlds, to actually getting there and beating their rival team in the process.

It would’ve been such a great story if they scored even bigger this season, but apparently they weren’t ready yet. Can’t wait for next year!
~ Fang


  • 09/10/2015 (12:54 PM)

    Something tells me you’re talking about esports again. My dreams died a long time ago.

    • 09/10/2015 (3:25 PM)

      Guilty as charged. ):

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