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Life is a team sport

This post is definitely inspired by eSports, and I really want to talk about eSports, but I promised to not do that (as much), and the underdog didn’t win anyway.

The League of Legends World Championship finals were held today. In Berlin, so that’s fairly close by compared to Seoul, where the finals were held last year. Though the event was definitely bigger than last year’s, it actually wasn’t as showy. Last year we had a huge live performance by Imagine Dragons as well as a grand closing ceremony. This year we had… some small fireworks and free merchandise?

Riot, the company running both the game and the show, said last year that the live performance was a one-off thing, and that they’d be more reserved next time. I’m sure they have their reasons, they got another event coming up later this year after all. Can’t expect them to burn through all their budget right now. But the larger part of the viewers don’t know or realize all that, and so the complaints of “is that all” roll in.

It’s not that surprising. Riot never made it extremely clear the live performance from last year was super duper special, and most of the fans saw it as the new bar for what World Championships should be like. When the next event doesn’t live up to that grand standard, of course that’s going to be a bit of a disappointment. Then again, the fans should stop complaining and enjoy instead.

You may say this post was about eSports, but I’d say it’s more about running events and setting expectations for them.
~ Fang

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