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Not to be confused with its eternal nemesis, the procrastinator.

Yesterday we got a boatload of work done towards our project for the minor. Remember how we were going to remote control a vehicle by using hand gestures and markers? After putting in quite a bit of prep work, I implemented very decent (though not yet perfect) hand gesture recognition. Despite the effort ending up being rather slim (got it done in a day after all), this is still pretty huge progress considering our end goal.

What’s more, the prep work I did for the gesture detection implementation (try saying that one fast) lays a very usable framework for some of the other vision steps we’ll be needing to take. And to top that off, it’s code that’s already fairly portable to an embedded platform in its current state. That means less work when it’s time to move our product onto its own device, rather than the user’s laptop.

Past steps paving the way for future ones. Why does it sound like things are going maybe too smoothly?
~ Fang


  • 16/10/2015 (2:08 PM)

    Never feel that something is progressing too smoothly. Now what you’re going to control is going to pick up on something like a boner and crash. That sounds like a really neat project though. Motion controlled vehicles sound fucking awesome.

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