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Online co-op

The stress to impress.

Online co-op is great. You can just chill with your long-distance pals and play a game together, how cool is that? Hella cool is how. Some games, especially those that require bigger parties for proper play, can also match you up with complete strangers if you so desire. That’s fine and dandy, you can meet new people to play with that way, but it also comes with one odd issue, for me at least.

Though it’s more common in games where you can’t properly communicate (ie emotes are your only option), I always feel super duper bad when I screw something up or am slowing the party down. I played some Tri Force Heroes today, and while it’s pretty fun, the presence of other people messes with me to the point where I can’t efficiently solve the “puzzles”, aka see that there’s one last switch that needs to be pressed.

And that sucks. I’m not even sure a lot of people actually care whether party members are slow or not, but I definitely feel like a detriment to the team when I’m “that guy”. It’s extra stupid, too, since I’m usually able to rush through things if I’m solo.

Social interaction in games is odd.
~ Fang


  • 26/10/2015 (12:15 PM)

    Online co-op is good when you play with your friends but I rarely have a good experience with random strangers. The clue is in the name. “Co-op”. You have to co-operate but very few people seem willing to do that.

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