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This is incredibly silly!

Sort of a continuation on yesterday’s post, I suppose.

Whenever something’s enraging you, making you salty or just plain ol’ mad, people will tell you to not let it get to you. And normally, they’d be right in saying that. But in that moment, that’s some rather bullshit advice. Why? Because it’s already gotten to you. It’s already in your head, feasting on whatever may be left of positive morale, shitting all over it and telling you to go and break something.

But the advice does offer one thing: distraction. That’s the one thing that can cure it. Take a break, occupy yourself with something else. If the subject of your focus changes, so do your feelings. Fuck, today I more or less rage-quit while playing friendlies of all things (send help), but as soon as the focus shifted from playing the game to talking about the game (my frustrations etc.) that all went away. Quickly enough, I returned to a calm enough state to realize suiciding to the end of the match when playing with a pal is kind of dickish.

Sigh. I wonder what you can do if straight-up moving to something else isn’t an option though.
~ Fang


  • 19/10/2015 (2:17 AM)

    And as a continuation of yesterday’s post, this is why I don’t play against others. I love single player gaming. If I get mad, I only have myself to be mad at. Which usually calms me down by realizing I’m just getting mad at a computer game.

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