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You see, the Internet of Things is on the rise. Surely you’ve heard it knocking on your door by now. Washing machines and ovens all coming equipped with a boatload of functionality that gladly eats up your monthly bandwidth (hey you’re on a budget after buying all that tech). I still don’t really see the point of storing recipes in your fridge when they also stay fresh at room temperature, but I can definitely see how cool the underlying tech is.

I mean fuck, they’re pushing the “IoT” so hard these days that Wifi-enabling hardware (not the slow-cookers themselves) is ridiculously accessible to the average hobbyist consumer. Let me introduce you to the ESP8266, a microcontroller with built-in Wifi capability. It’s dirty cheap, six or seven bucks a piece if you want it bundled with its surrounding components, and let me tell you about its range. As-is, the chip reportedly has a range of roughly 300 meters. That’s already more than you average router!

That’s peanuts though, when you compare that to how it performs with a simple tiny (PCB trace) antenna. Supposedly it gets up to four kilometers of range! Four. Kilometers. I can visit my friend on the other side of town and still communicate with that thing if I really wanted to! Sure you’ll be dealing with god-awful latency, but that’s a fair enough price to pay.

Hang on while I order a hundred of those off eBay.
~ Fang

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