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I keep getting amazed by what some school provide for their electronics and other hardware-related studies. You already know there’s a so-called Fab Lab located in our building, but they offer a whole lot outside of that too. They kind of have to, the whole building’s dedicated to creating physical things after all.

Apparently this means free access to all kinds of fancy machinery, including various tools used for circuit board etching. Comes with the required chemicals, everything. Whole package deals! I was intending on going with a simple perforated circuit board, connect everything with plain-old copper wiring. You need a lot of “special” gear for etching after all. But knowing all that is available at school is exactly the kind of push I need to go ahead and make my own PCB. If you go custom, go all the way!

The parts rules at our school are rather strict, but apparently others have huge “libraries” from which you can just grab whatever components you may need. Including microcontrollers!
~ Fang

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