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Sugoi programming onii-chan!

As I mentioned in a previous post, my interest in electrical engineering has jumped up recently.

And today, my package arrived. In it was an Arduino Starter Kit, for those who don’t know jack shit but still want to make cool stuff. The Arduino itself is a pre-built board with a microcontroller and a number of in-/output pins on it. The easy-peasy programming language they made for it allows you to swiftly program the thing using a USB connection to your computer, making for very easy prototyping.

Included in the kit is a nice “projects book”, which walks you through fifteen basic projects by means of an introduction to all the concepts you should know about, how different parts work together, and so on. And that’s exactly the kind of thing I need. I’d love to hobby about with cool projects, but I simply don’t have the knowledge on electrical systems to do anything meaningful. This’ll teach me though.

It’s also a nice start towards microcontroller programming in an easy environment. It’d be cool if I could eventually move on to proper microcontrollers (rather than one that comes with its own board, special software, etc.), so I can include clever programs in hardware projects to do all kinds of crazy stuff.

For now, I’m already happy I managed to get an LED to blink.
~ Fang

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