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Fuck winter time man.

You may have already noticed it. In the mornings it’s a little less bright. In the afternoons it’s already getting darker. You’re getting less vitamin D and your mood may suffer tremendously. It’s that time of year again, when even people with a thousand solar panels will be paying for electricity and your toes freeze off if you don’t wear at least two pairs of socks. The dark months.

As someone who gets up and goes about his business early in the morning (assuming there’s business, that is) and occasionally leaves for home late-ish, the winter months here on the northern hemisphere are terrible. Commuting is pretty much the only time I’m outside (it’s already cold enough inside), so when I travel during the darker hours of the day, there won’t be a single ray of sunshine hitting my face directly. And that really bums me out.

There’s no particular reason for that, but my body complains when it doesn’t feel nature’s warmth. It needs some lovin’ too, you know? Besides, staring out the window on the train becomes a lot more dull when all you can see is different shades of black. Or worse, the reflection of the coupe you’re in.

Artificial sun when?
~ Fang


  • 13/10/2015 (3:00 AM)

    I’m quite happy to live in a world without an artificial sun. Apparently I really don’t get enough vitamin D. I think I’m more prone to S.A.D at the start of Summer than the end. But I can see how it can be problematic and annoying to others. It certainly was when I was back at school and it would be dark out when I was heading home. Now I spend most of my time indoors so the outside world doesn’t bother me.

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