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It's not a plot hole, it's a plot device!

It means we get to play the waiting game.

In a couple of minutes, Nintendo will be pulling all of their servers offline for maintenance. This includes whatever parts of the old DS and Wii infrastructure was still active. In short, a brand-wide cleanup, or whatever it is they intend on doing. Rumors have been flying around about forced updates and scary new firmwares. Honestly? I don’t buy it. Nintendo can’t do much more than it already does when it comes to forcing you do update, which is simply auto-updating when you’re connected to online.

With new firmwares definitely being on the horizon though, I’m curious what this’ll bring. The people who don’t want to (or aren’t able to) update, will they be able to continue playing online? If not, that’s a huge gut-punch for games like Smash and Mario Kart, where netplay is at the heart of their longevity. Let’s hope it ain’t so.

I have already disabled wireless connectivity on my device, just in case. Feels like I’m bunkering down for a war or something.
~ Fang


  • 22/10/2015 (1:45 PM)

    I thought Nintendo already closed down a lot of their servers. I was going to buy a game to play online with a friend but I found out they turned that off. I guess they still have some active. Nintendo have pushed out firmware updates and the like before. I’ve known people who weren’t able to play pirated games on their Wii after an update. I don’t think they’d take everything offline just to push one of those updates. If I had to guess I’d say it’s because of all the Sony hacks. They want to make sure their own servers are secure.

    • 22/10/2015 (4:34 PM)

      You’re right, online gameplay servers for the original Wii and DS are offline. Apparently it’s only the store ones that are still running for those. There are, however, some fan-made servers for some popular games (Mario Kart, for example) which enable you to still play online. Look into that!

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