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02 10 15

Delivery time

I had my hopes up my package would arrive today. Alas, it has only just been picked up by the mail service.

That does mean I now have a tracking code though. The service isn’t luxurious enough to provide GPS tracking of the mailman’s car (yes, that’s a thing some have these days!), but it does give me an estimated delivery time. Tomorrow? Nice. What time? Between eight in the morning and… nine in the evening? Isn’t that just the times between which mail trucks drive around? This has got to be the vaguest estimate I have ever seen.

Still, package tracking is great. I remember back in the day we had to have at least one person at home during the day when something had been ordered, otherwise we might risk having to wait for the second attempt. Failing that, the package would need to be picked up at the mail center. Now though, we can usually see what date and time our package will arrive at. If we’re not happy with that, we can simply request a reschedule of the delivery through the tracking website itself. Magical!

Package-level mail has come a long way. We’re even seeing drone deliveries being tried out! Wonder how long it’ll be before the mailmen will be traded in for their robotic alternatives.
~ Fang


  • 05/10/2015 (4:02 AM)

    I wouldn’t mind drone delivery. Around here the package carriers don’t even ring the doorbell anymore. They just toss it onto your doorstep and drive away. A drone can do that, and I’d wager much better/efficiently.

  • 03/10/2015 (2:17 PM)

    I’ll be sad when mailmen are replaced with drones. It’s just a little more sad when humans are replaced by machines but things don’t actually get any easier for the people. It wouldn’t be so bad if we lived in a free society but we don’t.

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