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Cough cough

Almost misspelled that as “couch couch”. I’ve had a long day, it’s late, forgive me.

So I’ve been a bit under the weather these past few days, and now we’ve gotten to the point where there’s a whole bunch of coughing that never quite manages to scratch that itch it’s causing. Whenever I breathe in too quickly, or a certain amount of time has passed without coughing, it triggers that bodily response that says “exhale with great force, my child”. To get better pressure on the root cause, the throat tighten too. All fine and dandy unless you have a sore and swollen throat that is now scraping against itself.

Of course the frequent coughing does have its benefits. If you try to not go overboard with it you can sustain it quite well for a long time, meaning your abs get one hell of a workout. I can already feel mine aching just thinking about it. Luckily when you’ve been at it all day the “kill me now” throat and “fountain of snot” nose distract from that a bit.

Another byproduct of my semi-illness is that I woke up multiple times last night with my eyes stuck shut. Thanks eye-rocks!
~ Fang

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