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Remember back when software came on physical media and free updates were incredibly rare?

Those are not my times, so I won’t talk about them too much, but I can imagine the user-world of software being way different back then. Because these days, it’s all digital. And these days, we can do “over the air” updates of more or less anything. If you thought getting prompted for new software versions and having a single button-press result in the latest and greatest being right there on your system was cool, then you haven’t owned a smartphone yet. New major OS release? Sure, no problem, let me just pull it down over 4G (rip wallet) and install it on the spot!

It’s absolutely great, being able to enjoy the latest features without going through the hassle of manually downloading the new version. I’m always amazed to find software that still doesn’t ship with self-updating functionality. It’s easy as cake to add in these days, too. Unless your software literally won’t ever update (which sounds pretty bad), there’s very little reasons for self-updating not being on your feature list.

No, not on your public feature list. As I said, this shouldn’t be a special thing.
~ Fang

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