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12 09 15

The Subway

Nah actually just Subway. You know, that sandwich place?

I absolutely love it. Overpriced sandwiches prepared for you on the spot with ingredients that at least look fresh, that’s about as good as it gets when it comes to large food chains. Honestly, it’s one of the few places where I actually regularly get food (instead of making a meal myself). They just have so many options, and the impression of “we sell healthy food here” is actually rather strong.

They also have a thing for regular customers where you can collect stamps. After buying eight sandwiches (or four if you’re getting 30cm ones) you can get a 15cm sandwich for free if you purchase a drink. It’s actually a really weak deal considering the investment and the returns, but they make for great handouts. “Oh, you’ve never been to the Subway before? Have a coupon!” They should be paying me for these referrals.

If you’ve never eaten at a Subway before, give it a shot. Maybe you’ll like it. But then maybe you won’t. It’s not a McDonalds at least, so it’s got that going for it.
~ Fang

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