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The year is 2017.

After Germany ending first place in the EA FIFA World Cup earlier in the year, all the countries of the world gather once more to celebrate the Olympic Video Games, Summer 2017 Edition. This year, for the first time since the OVGs were held, Mario Tennis will be included in the events. Unsurprisingly after last year’s backlash, Smash Taekwondo will be played in Melee rather than Brawl. A more surprising organizational change is the choice to hold the boxing event in Punch Out rather than Street Fighter.

The Triathlon gathers a lot of attention as big names from all major regions appear to have stepped up their game. Last year’s Triathlon winner from Korea says they expect a much fiercer competition than in the past, but they have made enormous improvements in their Super Mario Bros. Speedrunning skills. “Only the Battletoads Run may possibly leave me at a disadvantage.”

Figure Glitching has, seemingly reluctantly, permitted the use of cheat codes in their newest ruleset. Young new talent with remarkable GameShark skills already seems to make their debuts. The silver medalist from 2016 won’t be making a return however, they are still recovering from their accident with the Lavender Town ghost.

Don’t forget to play Fantasy OVG and assemble your dream-squad for this year!
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  • 21/09/2015 (1:50 PM)

    If you’re going to have a boxing tournament you need a boxing game. I wonder if we will ever see something akin to the olympics for video games. Not for a long time yet.

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