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09 09 15

The new old

This may or may not be the bi-annual “Apple did an event” post.

I’m always astounded by how they seem able to market products and ideas that aren’t very new nor super revolutionary, and pass them off as if they actually are those things. Oh dear lord, a stylus for your tablet that feels pressure and tilt? Nobody has ever done that! Games on smart-TV? Absolutely disgusting, but apparently they’ve also been a gaming company for a couple of years now, so who gives a shit? Let’s rave!

Not saying they don’t even come up with anything good, and I won’t bother touching on all the others things I could be talking about. There’d be no end to it after all, and I’d just be repeating the things that have already been thrown into the infinite echo chamber. Instead let’s just say the team behind their “keynotes” and texts in advertising are brilliant folks. Fairly sure that never before have people felt compelled to pay a hundred dollars for a stick that does something other sticks have been doing just as well for way longer (and way cheaper). I mean, just hear what they said, it’s flashy and new, and both professionals and normal people can use it!

Do have to admit I’m pretty happy with all the tactile touch surfaces they’ve been making lately though. Bring back the feeling!
~ Fang

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