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But first, if you haven’t, check out yesterday’s post on time-bound games.

I think it’s actually a fairly strong piece despite being written in a single pass, and it’s about a topic I feel strongly about, so do give it a quick glance at least. It’d be great if people read it, but I wouldn’t give much of a fuck otherwise. Because that’s what I try to do, not care too much. To me it seems like a great thing to carry around, the ability to just shrug and move on.

People make so much drama these days. “Oh no that person looked at me weird!” “Shit it’s raining and I still have to bike home.” “She was such a bitch to me the other night!” Really? Get the fuck over it. Shit’s not that important anyway. The world would be a much more robust place if we could all “meh, whatever” every once in a while. Yes, we can go make a big whoop out of this and that, but does it really make you or anyone else feel better?

I would’ve written a more elaborate how-to, but simply do not care enough.
~ Fang


  • 25/09/2015 (3:44 AM)

    Well I’ve recently written a post about this kind of thing myself. I tend to try and cultivate an aura of not giving a fuck. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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