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And boy does it do it frequently.

Well, relatively frequently. Honestly, it’s a bunch of electrical signals dancing it up together, what could really go wrong? Unsurprisingly, a whole fuckin’ lot. It’s ridiculous the amount of ways in which electronics can seemingly mess themselves up. But they don’t actually do that. They (likely) weren’t programmed to break, so they didn’t do it all by themselves. There has to be a user in the picture for things to take a turn for the worse!

This looks like I’m saying everything’s the fault of the dumb user, right? Let me correct that by saying problems generally aren’t caused by the user doing something, but rather by the user doing something that the computer just can’t deal with. For example, my backup drive got more or less corrupted yesterday. Does this normally happen? No. But I probably forcefully interrupted an in-progress backup, giving the computer no time to clean up the mess or even any indication it had to! Yes, it should be able to recover from this, but things just aren’t always that easy.

As much as consumers cream over things that “just work”, the reality’s far from it. It’s extremely difficult to design a system complex enough for the user’s wishes yet robust enough to not fall over every now and again. The latter can be minimized, but it’ll never truly go away.

Much like humans, computers sometimes just can’t deal with your bullshit.
~ Fang


  • 07/09/2015 (1:54 PM)

    My phone has been dropped a lot and I’m still amazed the screen hasn’t cracked or anything. I’m also surprised my laptop is holding up as well as it is. The USB ports are a little damaged now though. Typically when technology breaks it is the fault of the user. Some things are just accidents though and can’t be helped.

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