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19 09 15

So much stuff

There’s an overwhelming amount of things out there!

I’ve filled up my computer’s internal storage almost completely: 500 GB worth of data. Part of that’s 90 GBs of music; 6238 songs, 469 albums, 325 artists. Over two weeks of audio. And then I still have 30 GBs of music in my “add to library” folder. If I were to dump all that in one-on-one then my internal storage would be full. Yeah, that’s why there’s a queue.

But that doesn’t even cover half the music I really want to be listening to. Multiple times a week I come across a cool new artist with unique, fresh tunes, and I just want to grab their whole discography. But then it turns out they’ve published fifteen whole albums over the years, which quickly becomes another eight gigs in the queue. See why I can’t grab everything I feel like getting?

And this goes for many, many things. So many people have made so much music, but there’s also so many movies out there, so much subjects to study, so many places to visit. The world’s bursting at the seams with content, and most all of it is available to us! The sheer scale of things we can possibly experience is mind boggling, and we haven’t even discovered all of it yet.

Also, you don’t even have to pay for it to be there, it’s essentially free DLC!
~ Fang

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