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11 09 15

Serious Media?

Well fuck me I’m talking about social media again.

There’s this thing on TV here right now where they’re holding auditions and all kinds of contests to find three new ladies to rebuild a (apparently still popular) pop-music group for little girls. Don’t even bother asking, I don’t follow that scene. What I do follow is the fact that one of the participants performing tonight is an old acquaintance of some of my friends. And how can I not? It’s the latest and hottest talk in the group.

And apparently she’s getting torn down on social media? As I said, I don’t follow that scene, I just saw some screenshots. But somehow that’s a slightly big deal and, oh, poor her, whatever is to become of her feelings? Well, absolutely nothing I’d say. She didn’t make the cut, so she already knows what the “official opinion” is. Besides, it’s social media, not serious media.

Aside from the obvious advice of not searching the web for opinions on you/your performance/anything to do with you once you become even the tiniest bit famous, I’d also like to say that you should not take social media too seriously. Ever. The analogy doesn’t quite fit, but it’s somewhat akin to walking into a church and asking what they think about Charles Darwin. Of course there’s all kinds of haters, but that doesn’t mean their opinion is important!

Besides, anyone with half a brain can predict this kind of stuff will happen when you step onto national television. You have every chance to come prepared.
~ Fang


  • 13/09/2015 (9:27 PM)

    +10 points to Mark for the word ‘cuntwaffle’.

    It just always amuses me when writers publish something, and some cuntwaffle slams it in some trollish review, and the writer gets unnecessarily butthurt. If you put your stuff out in public, prepare to see the worst in people. It happens. But thankfully if you’re any good you’ll mostly get the best in people. Those are the folks to remember and to respond to, not the haters.

  • 12/09/2015 (2:10 AM)

    Everyone on TV, ever, has some cuntwaffle saying mean things about them on Twitter. So much so that these people reading mean tweets about them is an actual thing people sit down and watch. We as a society do need to become a bit more thick skinned.

    And tone down the social media.

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