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10 09 15

Price change

This happened to pop up multiple times for me today, so let’s ramble about it for a bit!

Talked to a friend about my current smartphone for a bit. He thought my model was the new one, and said that three-hundred bucks for the specs was quite a sweet price. Well, imagine that I bought this phone for that price a year ago, and that it’s been out for a year and a half now. Must’ve been an even sweeter deal back then, right?

Similarly, my mobile phone plan. I still have prepaid, and one of the old plans at that. Rarely ever text and call, and am doing fine without mobile data, so I don’t need a fancy new subscription or whatever. For some reason I have an extremely cheap plan, but I didn’t realize this at first. So when I compared the standard rates from 2010 (the year in which I contracted this plan) to those from 2015, I was shocked to find that things had actually gotten cheaper over the years! Texts and calls had gotten small price reductions, but mobile data, oh boy.

Back in 2010, in an average prepaid plan, one would be paying one whole Euro per MB of data. A whole Euro! Compare that to today’s available prepaid plan, and it’s a much more affordable (but still kind of expensive) ten cents per MB. That’s a ten times lower price over five years. Of course this has everything to do with internet becoming more and more of a basic necessity and legitimately cheaper for all parties involves, but it still feels like quite the difference.

I’m actually looking into options for mobile data. Why? Nintendo has announced “Pokemon Go” today, and the concept (though nothing new) is fascinating.
~ Fang

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