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02 09 15

Phone issues

Definitely on the list of especially crippling issues to have.

My phone’s been acting up every now and again for a while now, but it usually didn’t last very long, so I never really minded it. Yesterday however, on the first day of the new school year, it got a little out of hand. The left two thirds of my touch screen randomly become unresponsive, usually for a lengthy period of time. This includes the capacitive buttons below the display. As you can imagine, this makes common actions like typing, swiping left/right and zooming very difficult to do.

As much as it seemed like a hardware issue to me (only part of the screen misbehaves, its area never changes), I knew my model of phone was known to have some software-side touch issues, so I looked into that first. Apparently wiping the device’s cache had worked for some people. Seemed a bit odd, but I gave it a shot, and what do you know, it seemingly fixed the issue!
As an aside, I also made a backup of my system during that process. In transferring it to my computer, either I or Android File Transfer (for OS X, never use it unless you need to, it’s horrible) messed up, and deleted most all of the data on my phone. I lost all kinds of things, including two months’ worth of photos. Needless to say I was not in a good mood.

Today, the touch issues once again presented themselves. Sigh. Luckily I had already contacted support, simply because I wanted to document the issue with them before my warranty expired, just in case. Continued that ticket, uploaded a screencast of the issue happening, and am currently waiting on a response. Really hoping we can get this sorted out quickly and painlessly, ’cause this shit’s honestly a huge annoyance.

Why did I ever even switch to a smartphone? My candybar has never had any issues whatsoever.
~ Fang


  • 06/09/2015 (11:50 PM)

    A huge annoyance, sure, but at least you’ve still got that warranty. Mine is now 1 month out of warranty, so I’m just hoping/praying it doesn’t implode upon itself in the coming weeks.

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