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This is not a cyber-bullying post. Get that shit outta here.

Today Riot released they Legends Rising documentary series, which reports on the lives and ambitions of six notable players this season. I’m not normally someone to really warm up to celebrity hype or anything, but they series is actually quite enjoyable. It definitely helps that they picked one player from each region, resulting in very diverse backgrounds. I think the players themselves also play a strong role though. (And of course that I’m getting myself mad invested in the League scene, but eh.)

Thing is, most of the folks playing League professionally are young. Like, really fuckin’ young. As an example, take Faker from the Korean team SKT T1. Back in 2013, he was recognized as possibly the best (individual) player around. He was seventeen in that season. Seventeen! And since esports is as big a deal (possibly bigger) as football of soccer are in westerns countries, he was a nation-wide celebrity. At the age of seventeen.

For some reason, having them so closely aged to me, frequently even younger, makes them really relatable. Most also have background stories that actually touch base with me on some points. And that’s cool. It really gives that “real human” impression you know, they’re not just some faraway person playing a game I happen to enjoy. They’re actually there, chasing their dreams.

~ Fang

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