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Because you’ll be laughing. Work is not for laughing. Unless it’s a workout, then enjoy your abs training.

Found this a while back, and now I think it may be worth sharing. You may have seen their comics pop up here and there, and that’s because they’re hilarious. Oglaf is set in medieval times and has some fantasy elements included. Most all of the comics (usually a single page, but some are longer!) center around a clever joke or parody of a trope. Sounds like a winning combination already, right? Let me let you in on a little something.

In case you didn’t notice from clicking the link, some of Oglaf’s comics are not safe for work! In fact, sexual elements play a prominent role in quite a lot of them. And that’s great, it’s the mark of a modern piece. What use is the steady decrease of the taboo on sex if we don’t use it in our popular culture, for laughs? Well, Oglaf pulls it off well. And that’s not an intended innuendo.

Of course it’s not for everyone, some are more prude (can that be used as an adjective?) than others, but I suggest you give it a fair shot. Being able to joke about sexual matters is healthy. At least way better than the “yeah I won’t say anything, let the kids figure it out themselves” ways of the nearly-gone past.

Have a good laugh!
~ Fang


  • 17/09/2015 (3:56 PM)

    I tried reading Oglaf and while I do find their use of sex to be what you said, it did also become a little much for me. I appreciate the odd strip from time to time but I could never read through the archives.

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