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01 09 15

It has begun

So today was the first day of the minor. Hype!

Actually not all that much happened. We all did some short introductions before talking about what kind of stuff we’ll be working on. Apparently there’s only four of us that come from an external school. That includes me, because my school didn’t offer any minors that seemed particularly interesting to me. Got to team up with two others who are in the same boat.

We were tasked with thinking of an idea for our first project, which we’ll be completing over the course of the next nine weeks. After bouncing some ideas back and forth, we settled on a robot that could ride around, controlled by your hand. That’s where the computer vision comes in. A camera will be positioned above your hand to see where it moves and what gestures it makes, and translate that into commands for the robot.

I’m not much of a hardware guy, but luckily the other folks on my team know their way around that, so hurray for teamwork!
~ Fang

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