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25 09 15

Hit or miss

Originally had some other post written here, but ctrl-a delete.

I feel like my writing quality fluctuates heavily. It’s either kinda good, or reads like the worst trash I’ve ever spewed out. And getting that coin-flip to consistently end positive side up is difficult. I’d blame it on my “extremely demanding” post schedule and subsequent absence of inspiration for new content, but I should be able to get myself into proper good production mode even when the topic isn’t particularly exciting to me.

Even now, I’m deleting entire paragraphs only to replace them with a sentence describing that action. The sad thing is, that seems like the better alternative. The words don’t come to me like an endless waterfall, the jokes don’t pop up and make themselves clear. I’ve gotten my feet stuck in the mud. Getting out means leaving my boots behind and butchering an already shitty analogy even further, only to get trapped again a few meters down the road.

But just there, I may have done a thing. I’m not sure if it was any good, but it definitely sparked. A snazzy remark, a silly comparison. It radiates hope, even if only for a few seconds. It reignites me, my desire to hone my craft. Think up crazy yet catchy descriptions on the fly, keep the words flowing, the fingers moving.

Doesn’t make the miss any less far off though.
~ Fang


  • 28/09/2015 (1:17 PM)

    Whatever makes you write is a good thing. Focus on what makes you write and go for it. Sometimes it’s not good, sometimes it is. Either way it’s done.

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