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21 09 15

Get your back

Hey you. You need to get your back.

If there’s anything important about your body it’s your spine. You know, along with all the other stuff that keeps you running. The spine’s probably the coolest part of the skeleton though, in how it is so incredibly flexible and, admittedly, well-engineered. It even keeps your nerves all bundled up and safe, how convenient!

It doesn’t always do well under stress though. There’s some positions you can get your body into that it just wasn’t made for. Spend long amounts of time with your ass over your head, and you’ll start feeling it. For me, my back acts up pretty quickly. And once it has, only some exercises and a good night’s rest will get rid of it. That’s something I can’t do in every situation.

The best solution is prevention though, so I need to constantly remind myself to check my posture. Don’t bend sideways, don’t corkscrew it up. Hanging in the chair rather than properly sitting on it is fine, as long as I don’t hit one of those few angles that somehow do manage to mess me up.

Remember kids: feel free to step on a crack, just take good care of your own back.
~ Fang


  • 24/09/2015 (1:53 PM)

    My back could definitely be in better shape. It’s something that for some reason people just don’t care about when they should.

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